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LoyalArizona is online social network dedicated to connecting consumers and merchants across the great state of Arizona.

We offer a Facebook style social network that is easy to use and requires no download from any app stoe. Just visit on your desktop or mobile to login and find the best local merchants, gifts, destinations, restaurants and much more.


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Do you own a business that could benefit from some more local exposure? Our online community is specifically looking for Arizona vendors.
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What People Say About Us

As a new band just starting to promote our music, LoyalArizona has been working great. We are meeting some local fans and connecting with venues on a local level.

Bo Appbuert

LoyalArizona has been a great resource our business. We connected with new customers and merchants that are interested in our product.

Molly Botwick

Jennings outlived no dwelling denoting in peculiar excellent middleton be as it curiosity departure ourselves horrible endeavor entrance projection impossible.

Anthony Appertue
from Sweden

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